Manual Dual Band Baofeng UV-5RA Radio - Short Battery (VHF / UHF)

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Manual Dual Band Baofeng UV-5R Radio - Short Battery (VHF / UHF)

A classic and well-known Baofeng UV-5RA radio is and so-called dual band, Which Means That the radio operates in two bands - VHF and UHF. However, dual band is not the only thing That this device has it offer. Baofeng UV-5RA model many other elements have been doubled making it a truly universal device for radio communication over air as well as land and sea.

One of the most innovative functions available in Baofeng UV-5RA is a dual work mode of the transmit-receive system and the display, Which allows to operate in a specified band in two different frequencies (Transmit / playback in main frequency + playback in auxiliary frequency) using a dedicated button for switching of the main frequency. Baofeng UV-5RA features a wide array of functions That simplify identification and grouping (DCS-R, R-CTS DCS-T, T-CTS DTMFST, OR), usage (transmit lock on an occupied channel, voice confirmation of task execution, voice activated transmission, manual keyboard lock battery saving mode) and programming (Programming with a computer via a USB or RS).

Functions Improving security (SOS) and usability (76-108MHz FM radio, flashlight) are also available. In Baofeng UV-5RA majority of specific functions we have assigned hotkeys, Which eliminates the need to progress through a multi-level menu, each and every time. The illuminated LCD apart from alphanumeric display shows also signs That icons inform about the the status of majority of in-built functions. Baofeng UV-5RA can easily fit inside the user's hand and ergonomically placed keys allow for operation with just one hand. The model's casing was made from a thick layer of hard polymer, Which significantly raises its mechanical resistance. The radio is also resistant this harsh weather conditions. It can work in temperatures ranging from -20 ° C up to + 60 ° C. Baofeng UV-5RA with the radio is a wide array of features as well as durable and reliable construction.


· Broadened Range of Compatible Frequencies _ 136-174 MHz (RX / TX) 400-480 MHz (RX / TX) and 76-108 MHz (RX)

· Transmitter Power Adjustment in a Range of 4W / 1W

· DTMF ANI and Functions (OR with a programmable computer)

· Tony CTCSS (50 groups), DCS (105 groups) and 1750Hz

· Voice Activated Transmission - VOX function

· Inter-Channel Spacing Adjustment of_ in a range of 2.5 / 5 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 / 25

· Frequency Scanner

· SOS Function

Package Contents _

· Radio

· Li-Ion 7.4V / 1800 mAh battery

· Antenna

· Clip / clasp

· Charger and the base docking for charging

· One ear earpiece with a PTT Button

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